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Welcome to the fund raising site for the European Disabled Golf Association

Round 4 of Golf & Ride Portugal 2014 will take place in the islands of the Azores, Porto Santo and Madeira. It will bring down the curtain on what has been a very challenging but equally enjoyable journey. Strictly speaking we will visit the island of São Miguel in the Azores where we will start at the Furnas Golf Course before cycling to the much younger Batalha Golf Club. The island of São Miguel is often called the 'green island', it is the largest and most populated of the Azores and is the home of the Presidency of the region. The diverse scenery we will encounter starts with a volcanic lake, takes us through mountains and rolling hills until we reach green plains on the outskirts of the capital, Ponta Delgado.

A complete contrast is our next island Porto Santo which has a glorious nine kilometres of white sandy beach and is perhaps one of the best places to get away from it all. The interior is somewhat rugged but with a landscape surrounded by the ocean, superb diving and fishing off the coast it is truly a remarkable retreat. 

Finally we’ll make our way by boat to the island of Madeira. Discovered in 1415, Madeira is the largest of the islands which make up the autonomous archipelago of Madeira, Porto Santo and Desertas. It's position just off the coast of Africa makes Madeira the outermost land in the EU. Sue and I have visited Madeira many times over the last 20 years and it is fitting that Madeira will have the last official course of Golf & Ride Portugal 2014.

Schedule & Events Log




Saturday August 6th


Furnas Golf Course


Batalha Golf Club

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Wednesday August 10th


Porto Santo Golf Club

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Thursday August 11th


Clube de Golf Santo da Serra


Palheiro Golf

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Round 4 - The islands of Madeira and the Azores

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for providing flights with superb service

for the GRP2014 team   

Sixty years of flying across the Atlantic Ocean, and seventy years of history, have shaped the SATA Group. Over these years, and particularly in the last decade, the SATA Group has grown steadily, and enjoyed increasing success.

The SATA Group took off on the 15th of June 1947, when a small Beechcraft aeroplane, symbolically named “Açor”, made the first commercial flight. Today the company plays a major role in providing accessibility for those who live on the islands. It has also become an invaluable ally in the growth and development of tourist activity in the Azores.

Our mission is to bring the world to the Azores and the Azores to the world. We are proud to pursue the ideals of our founders, providing the highest levels of quality and service.

Photo of Fire Lake, in Ponta Delgado, Azores

by Max Hartshorne

Photo by Tony Bennett

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