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Welcome to the fund raising site for the European Disabled Golf Association

Cycling 1400 km & playing one hole at 72 Golf courses

If you would like to join in cycling from one course to the next, or even a few stages then you are very welcome to join us. We are only recreational cyclists and so that is why this will be such a challenge.

We will publish the distances and routes within the next few days so please feel free to pick which stage you would like to do.

For more information then please contact Tony at tony@edgagolf.org      

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Cycle with Tony & Sue

Join Tony for the Golf

Each course has allowed us to play one hole as part of the challenge. It is always good to have people to play with and this is no exception. We have a limited number of places available on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to join in the #GRP2014 project, please drop Tony a mail to tony@edgagolf.org

Through the support of our member organisations, The R&A and The European Tour it is possible for EDGA to function.

Since the beginning of 2014, we have adopted a project based approach to additional funding.

The first of two projects is helping those who until now have either never played Golf, or have never even thought that Golf could be a viable sporting option, to at least have the opportunity to give Golf a try.  

Although our focus is to raise funds for the European Disabled Golf Association, we intend to enjoy the journey and look forward to sharing our experiences. We will complete a daily log which will include a description of the days ride and some photos of the sights that we have found interesting or enjoyable.

We’ll also create a video of our experience at each Golf course and intend to offer these for promotional use by each participating Golf course. We would be very pleased to receive your thoughts & comments on this at tony@edgagolf.org  

One of the videos from day 6 of Round 1 - Centre is featured on the right. These are the Aroeira I and Aroeira II Golf courses where Tony and Sue were were met by Director of Golf Carlos Fonseca and the CN Sports team, who were making a feature for their programme on Sport TV.

Please see Round 1 - Centre for more

Events Log & Promotional Video’s

The BIG Challenge

Round 1 - Centre
Cycling to 21 Golf courses and covering over 475 kilometres.

Round 2 - North
The most demanding round including the mountainous areas of northern Portugal.

Round 3 - Algarve
The most intensive Golf region, with courses located all the way to Spanish border.

Round 4 - Islands
The islands of Madeira and the Azores will be our final round of #GRP2014.

Completed - Please click here for full details of the route, our comments, photos and videos.

Completed - Please click here for full details of the route, our comments, photos and videos.

Round 1 - Centre

Golf & Ride Portugal 2014

The first 2014 fund raising initiative for EDGA started on the 8th of March 2014 in Lisbon Portugal.

EDGA President Tony Bennett and his wife Sue challenged themselves to play one hole at 72 Golf courses spread the length and breadth of the Portuguese mainland and in the islands of Madeira and the Azores.

The challenge wa not so much the 72 holes but rather the distance that these ‘recreational cyclists’ will cycle between courses.

Tony and Sue expected to cycle approximately 1400 kilometres as they zig-zig across the mountain ranges, along the coast, through cities, towns and villages and experience some of the most beautiful countryside in the whole of Iberia.Day-1 Gallery

All four rounds have now been completed and were a great success. The Golf courses were very supportive and their hospitality was much appreciated.

summary of Round 1 - Centre 
summary of Round 2 - North 

Event News

Bubba Watson Foundation

We are delighted to receive a substantial donation from PING through the Bubba Watson Foundation for GRP2014

GoKart donate golf trolley

Golf cart manufacturer GoKart have donated one of their latest automatic golf trolleys valued at €364 to GRP2014

Golf course raises €480

Aldeia dos Capuchos hosted the first fund raiser for GRP2014 with the 9 holes course organising a Nevada Bobs Golf Day

SIC Noticias TV Interview

GRP2014 has already attracted a lot of media attention. See the interview with SIC Noticias TV

CN Sports TV Interview

GRP2014 continues to attract TV attention. See the latest interview with CN Sports TV

4 ball Special Challenge

A big thank you goes out to four golfers who have set themselves their own challenge to raise funds for #GRP2014

From a simple seed…….

After a couple of drinks with family and friends at Christmas, the seeds of Golf & Ride Portugal 2014 were planted. A few days later and Tony together with his wife Sue had nurtured the original concept into what became the plan for GRP2014. more……

We’d love to receive your comments & suggestions regarding our project & the way we’ve presented it via this website. Please mail us at tony@edgagolf.org  

Please tell us what you think

Completed - Please click here for full details of the route, our comments, photos and videos.

Round 2 - North

Completed - Please click here for full details of the route, our comments, photos and videos.

Round 3 - Algarve Round 4 - Islands